Revealing the possible to power a brighter future: Energy Renaissance is focused on establishing Australia’s sustainable, high tech battery storage manufacturing capability

renaissance one


With a vision to change the way we power organisations and industry, Renaissance One will be the Southern Hemisphere’s first lithium ion battery facility producing world’s best semi-solid state lithium ion batteries uniquely optimised for warm climates. The 1GWh factory will manufacture, sell and support high performance commercial scale lithium ion batteries. Find out more…

Renewable energy storage is the key to a renaissance in the way we power vehicles, industry, government and communities. Energy Renaissance manufactures and supports lithium ion batteries with many unique advantages:


Flexibility to customise chemistry to optimise performance for end use application

climate optimised

Uniquely optimised for hot climates with largest operating temperature range

value per kWh

Lowest cost of ownership battery on the market

supply security

Greatest supply chain control for Australian and SE Asian markets with local manufacture and raw materials

safety and quality


Backed by the world-class engineering capability of UGL Limited, we utilise technologies from best-of-breed partners including world leading semi-solid lithium ion specialists and are supported by Australia’s Northern Territory Government. Energy Renaissance employs best-practice safety and manufacturing to deliver world-class storage solutions.


customised efficiency


Energy Renaissance batteries use a unique semi-solid lithium ion manufacturing process with a customisable electrolyte formulation for optimum end use efficiency and improved performance compared to conventional lithium ion batteries. Uniquely designed for use in higher temperature climates and with a significantly greater operating temperature range, Energy Renaissance batteries offer improved battery life, increased safety benchmarks and higher energy densities as well as being the most recyclable lithium ion batteries ever made.


complete solution


We deliver completely integrated battery systems designed for vehicle, industry, commercial and utility scale applications.